synology nasFor Small Businesses with NAS devices running Macs with OS X in their environment, this tip could be incredibly helpful!

Have you ever had an error when trying to save files from OS X to a NAS share where it simply looses connection or errors with a permissions invalid error?

There is (OS X Only) Microsoft Word conflict with Synology NAS Devices!

After much searching – I found a solution! Check that your NAS share does not have the word “files” in its name.

The current conflict that exists causes an error when it detects the word “files” in the path – Word doesn’t allow saving to the NAS.

By saving to the NAS – I mean it allows copying the file, however when in word and trying to save the file – one is presented with the error.

Quick fix – rename the share to not include the word “files”. I named our company share “files” so the path to any file had this word in it.

Renaming it to “company” solved the problem.

Hope this helps as it took me a lot of searching to find this as a known issue!